Get new leads + clients with clear, meaningful copy your readers love.

Hello, fellow wellness warrior and entrepreneur! I’m Natalie Gensits, health and wellness copywriter, bringing you truth and relief. You see, even clear, concise, amazing copy can fail. But when you find the right client-focused words for your health or wellness coaching business, you will STAND out.

And you have got to STAND out because people have 20,101 other health coaches to choose from (as of Sept. 2022,

NOW is your time to rope all you offer into one simplified concept your audience will understand and want. No more changing your elevator pitch every 3 weeks, feeling scattered or dreading the idea of promoting your services.

It’s time to break through the online and in-your-head clutter with words that are strategic and straight from your HEART. And it’s time to grow your following so you can book new clients without feeling so salesy

Even if you: 

  • Dread marketing or copywriting but know how important they are,
  • Feel scattered when trying to explain all that you do,
  • Are unsure how far to niche down or how to show up (hello, introvert!),
  • Are particular about your copy and skeptical about getting someone else’s help or
  • Write good stuff but need to write quicker, clearer copy and content,

I will help you profoundly. So take a deep breath, or two or three. Then stay a few minutes and begin to get more comfortable with your marketing.

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Health and Wellness Copywriting Services

Content + Copywriting (Done For You)

Content + Copywriting (Done For You)

Website copy with SEO, your freebie, email campaigns, landing pages, blog posts and more - I do the writing in your voice. You'll answer questions. We'll have a call. Then you can focus on other business, your clients, your family or your own healing while I get to work!

Copywriting Coaching (Done With You)

Copywriting Coaching (Done With You)

If you enjoy content writing but aren’t getting leads or clients, or if marketing and copywriting make you cringe, be coached in copywriting and the basics of marketing! You’ll learn how to bring intentionality to your messaging and convert more clients!

The choice is yours

You can opt for copywriting coaching. Or you can hand your copy over to me, your seasoned (a little spicy!) health and wellness copywriter, to do the heavy lifting.

Either way, you end up with:
• Copy in your voice that grabs attention of your dream clients (new leads),
• A healthier attitude about and understanding of marketing and copywriting,
Clarity about your purpose (elevator pitch) and ideal client,
Relevant content ideas your ideal clients will love,
• More direction and confidence in your brand and messaging and
• An empathetic, passionate partner who will help you have fun building your brand.

My philosophy

Client-focused (not AI/artificial intelligence generated) copywriting allows authentic connection with the clients you love to work with and who love to work with you.

Keep it simple and smart. When getting started, you don’t need a fancy website or full-blown blog. (If you have them, great, but know that you still have to drive traffic to them and they don’t just magically generate leads.) You do need:

• A way to promote your business (social media, podcasts, etc.)
• A freebie (aka lead magnet) to gather emails (cold leads) of potential clients
• Purposeful emails to nurture (warm) your leads into clients

Read more about my signature package just for this. But also, I love creating copy for the pieces you need and tying them all nicely together to help accomplish your goals.


Want to chat about how I can help you?

Freebies you need (whether DIYing or hiring out)

Create your elevator pitch

Create your elevator pitch

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Identify your ideal client

Identify your ideal client

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Take the right next steps

Take the right next steps

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