About me

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Hi, I’m Natalie Gensits!

I’m your quirky, slightly sassy and 100% trustworthy health and wellness copywriter and copywriting coach. I’m not a business coach, but do share what I’ve learned about running a business. I have tried countless alternative and functional practices – and have finally healed from mold illness. So I am familiar with your client’s mindset and know the wellness lingo.

I love Jesus. I love being a wife and mom – to 2 young boys and a dog. I enjoy playing and watching sports and being outdoors. Music from Christian and classical to hard rock and grunge light me up!

I believe:
•we are each created uniquely, our bodies change over time and we have the power to influence our health through lifestyle choices.

•your could-be client wants to become well and doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with too much info.

•she needs to know you are here for her and that you are the right fit.

This is why your every word matters. And why my client-focused approach to copy and content will bring you more leads who become clients.

My mission

My goal is to ultimately connect more wellness seekers with providers to elevate wellness for all. I apply my wellness knowledge and writing expertise to help grow your health coaching or wellness business. Through writing for you or coaching you to write, I help you create client-focused copywriting that brings you more new leads and clients! And you become freer to transform more lives or enjoy more of your own!

Work history

With 30+ years in marketing, I have worked for various clients and industries – doing project management, event planning, media buying and content / copywriting. Writing is my love. Since 2012, I have focused on copywriting, then narrowed to health and wellness. My gift is helping you formulate words from your heart that speak boldly to your ideal clients.

Wellness journey

In my ‘multi-practitioner, throw nearly everything out and move into a remediated home’ journey to overcome mold illness, I developed a passion for helping others see all the options and power we have to heal. All the little changes we can make to move mountains – physical, mental and spiritual.  All to attain the livelihood God created us with and to boldly serve His purpose for us. 

Lessons shared

Healthier eating has been my biggest healer in the physical sense, but it can be overwhelming to figure out. My book, Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways, is a go-to guide that makes eating healthier simple and practical. Focused on reducing inflammation rather than diets, this book could make a great resource for you or your clients. 

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