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Natalie Gensits

Health & Wellness Copywriter & Copywriting Coach

I've had my own wellness journey - I've been your client and realize how valuable your services are for true healing. Now I apply my wellness knowledge and writing expertise to help grow your health coaching or wellness business. Through writing for you or coaching you to write, I help you provide client-focused content that brings you more new clients! And you become freer to transform more lives or enjoy more of your own!

xx Natalie

Mara Hollander testimonial

"Working with Natalie has been a pleasure. I have always felt warm, concerned support from her—she has been truly engaged and invested in my success. Her skill with words, turning large concepts into readable, understandable sentences is remarkable. I am so fortunate to have found her! She is someone I can highly recommend, without any reservation."

Dr. Mara Hollander
Doctor, Life & Health Coach

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