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Wellness + Marketing Resources to Help You Grow

women meeting|marketing resourcesMy ultimate goal is to help connect those who seek wellness with those who provide it.

I do this by helping wellness coaches and providers create messaging and copy that attracts their ideal clients. But also, I want to 1) connect more coaches and providers and 2) connect more providers and coaches with the resources you need to succeed. I hope you find these resources and referrals helpful!

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Some of the links below are affiliate links. *Indicates that I have used the people or resources listed on this page. All are of great character, heart and intention. This page will continually grow!

Marketing resources

*Website hostingSiteground

*Website design – Jules Design

*Building online presenceDenise Wakeman

Christian business coachingCassie Kitzmiller

Nutritionist business coachingHolistic Nutrition Hub

Search Engine Optimization – Neil Patel

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DNA Vibe red light band
Photo from DNA Vibe

Wellness resources

*Red light, magnetic, micro-vibration therapy – DNA Vibe

*Magnesium supplement for stress relief and better sleep – Natural Vitality

*Diatomite stone bath mat (quick drying) – Durablez

*Nasal rinse great for skinny passages – NeilMed

*Herbal laxative – Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula

*Herbal sleep formula – Herb Pharm Relaxing Sleep

*Online shopping (cashback) – Rakuten

*Online healthy shopping – Vitacost

*Food-based nutrition – Juice Plus+

*My healthy eating book – Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways

Healthy eating for the family (planner, flashcards) – Anti-inflammatory Living

Wellness coaches + providers

Wellness covers many areas of life: physical, mental, financial, professional, social and more.
Do not limit yourself to physical or mental wellbeing!

*Mold illness recovery – Tina Paulus

Women 50+ weight/energy – Roxana Cooley

*Perfectionists with anxiety – Christy Romano

*Busy moms find calm – Treva Brown

Weight management, chronic illness – Emma Prior (Australia)

Corporate wellbeing programs – Tara Kraus, BreakWell

Acupuncture, functional – Wheeler Acupuncture & Functional Wellness (Missouri)

*Chiropractic, holistic – Holistic Family Practice (Missouri)

*Chiropractic, pain management – Wilmington Clinic (Missouri)

*Career, resume coaching – Melissa Boyster

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