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Wellness + Marketing Resources to Help You Grow

women meeting|marketing resourcesMy ultimate goal is to help connect those who seek wellness with those who provide it.

I do this by helping wellness coaches and providers create messaging and copy that attracts their ideal clients. But also, I want to 1) connect more coaches and providers and 2) connect more providers and coaches with the resources you need to succeed. I hope you find these resources and referrals helpful!

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Some of the links below are affiliate links. *Indicates that I have used the people or resources listed on this page. All are of great character, heart and intention. This page will continually grow!

Marketing Resources

Create your elevator pitch

Create your elevator pitch

Are you ready to get decisive, stand OUT online and attract new clients? It's time to create your not-so-typical 10-word elevator pitch! You in?

Identify your ideal client

Identify your ideal client

Need help or resistant to narrowing down to ONE ideal client? Gain clarity while saving time and frustration along this gritty entrepreneurial road. You ready?

Take the right next steps

Take the right next steps

Overwhelmed with options and intimidated by the idea of marketing? Feel more ease and focused with these critical first steps!

*Website hostingSiteground

*Website design – Jules Design

*Building online presenceDenise Wakeman

Christian business coachingCassie Kitzmiller

Nutritionist business coachingHolistic Nutrition Hub

Search Engine Optimization – Neil Patel

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Wellness Resources

DNA Vibe red light band
Photo from DNA Vibe

*Red light, magnetic, micro-vibration therapy – DNA Vibe

*My healthy eating book – Digested – eating healthier made easier 3 ways

*Beyond organic whole food nutrition – Juice Plus+

*Magnesium supplement for stress relief and better sleep – Natural Vitality

*Diatomite stone bath mat (quick drying) – Durablez

eating healthier book

*Nasal rinse great for skinny passages – NeilMed

*Herbal laxative – Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula

*Herbal sleep formula – Herb Pharm Relaxing Sleep

*Online shopping (cashback) – Rakuten

*Online healthy shopping – Vitacost

Healthy eating for the family (planner, flashcards) – Anti-inflammatory Living

Wellness coaches + providers

Wellness covers many areas of life: physical, mental, financial, professional, social and more. Do not limit yourself to physical or mental wellbeing!

*Mold illness recovery – Tina Paulus

Women 50+ weight/energy – Roxana Cooley

*Perfectionists with anxiety – Christy Romano

*Busy moms find calm – Treva Brown

Weight management, chronic illness – Emma Prior (Australia)

Corporate wellbeing programs – Tara Kraus, BreakWell

Acupuncture, functional – Wheeler Acupuncture & Functional Wellness (Missouri)

*Chiropractic, holistic – Holistic Family Practice (Missouri)

*Chiropractic, pain management – Wilmington Clinic (Missouri)

*Career, resume coaching – Melissa Boyster

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