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Client: Mattress Source
Need addressed: For this funnels campaign, I developed topics and wrote copy for blog posts, a monthly SNOOZEletter, lead nurturing emails and e-books. During our first month, the client encountered a 194% increase in site visits.

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Shop, save and sleep better with the Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide 2.

Discover the perfect mattress for you using this 5-step mattress buying guide.

You have simple (or complex) needs. Good sleep is at the top of your list. After all, without it, you aren’t yourself. And if you’re not feeling like yourself, you can’t function at your best and achieve the happiness you want. You know it’s time to retire that old mattress, but don’t want to spend hours researching and shopping for a new one.

Now, you can simplify, save money and start sleeping better sooner with this FREE download: The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide 2 by Mattress Source. This free ebook will walk you easily through:

  1.   Selecting your mattress size
  2.   Determining your ideal comfort level
  3.   Choosing the best mattress type for you
  4.   Selecting an appropriate foundation
  5.   Knowing some essentials before shopping in person
  6.   Saving on a mattress meant for you

Shopping for a new mattress can be overwhelming. With this free download and savings offer, you will quickly (and painlessly) be on your way to finding that perfect mattress to put you in a serious slumber night after night, while giving your budget a little break, too. It’s just one more way we provide better sleep at the best value!

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Thanks! Simplify, save and sleep sounder with “The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide 2 by Mattress Source”.

You are on your way to streamlined mattress shopping that will save you money and get you better sleep soon!

Get it Now! 

Then when you’re ready to test out your choices in person, or if you need a little friendly, pressure-free help, visit the Mattress Source nearest you


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Subject: Don’t forget to use your exclusive savings offer at Mattress Source!

Has The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide helped you determine the best mattress for your sleep needs? Have you remembered to use your FREE coupon for special savings on the perfect bed for you at Mattress Source? Feel free to reprint your coupon here (link). 

If this email has crossed paths with your recent visit, we hope you saved on your perfect mattress and have been sleeping sounder now. We’d love to get your feedback in a quick review (link to reviews page).

Thanks for shopping at Mattress Source and sleep tight!

Warm and cozy regards,



Mattress Source



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