Put Your Message
Into the Right Words

Marketing + Copywriting LIVE Webinar

As a newer health and wellness coach, it can be so challenging to put what you do into the right words! You have multiple passions and work with your clients in many ways. You know you've got to get clear and concise with your messaging to attract the right people. But you aren't sure how to narrow it down!

How would it feel if you could:

  • Confidently, quickly respond with a well-thought out purpose statement when someone asks what you do.
  • FINALLY choose your niche and ideal client, stop feeling so scattered and get focused on who you are meant to serve.
  • Create clear, consistent messaging that attracts your ideal clients - in your social media profiles and posts, emails, websites, landing pages and more!


Just $27 USD for this momentum changer!

  • HOST: Natalie Gensits, Health Copywriter + Copywriting Coach
  • DATE: Wednesday, February 7 (LIVE via Zoom. Replay available 4 days after the event if you register.)
  • TIME: 7-8:30PM EST (GMT -5)

What You Receive

Every part of your business involves copy. Your copy - your messaging - is key to your success. And even excellent copywriting can fail if you're not solving a true need. But when you get clear on these strategy pieces first, your new client-focused copy will attract and sell without being so sales-y!


If you're ready to quit dabbling and get serious about treating this like a business, even if it's part time, get excited to:

•Feel bold and courageous as you step into your purpose with a solid 10-word elevator pitch that's less sales-y and more YOU.

•Attract the clients you LOVE working with - and who are eager to do the work!

Learn how to skillfully write from your heart to sell your coaching services. Then help more people heal and serve their purposes.

•Enjoy copywriting and marketing instead of dread it and find excuses to put it off!

• Hear LIVE expert feedback, answers and next steps to keep your marketing momentum going strong.

Stop wondering if this is really your calling or the right time and become unshakable - through various Bible verses (if you choose).


Receive 2 step-by-step workbooks to continue refining your pitch and researching the right information about your ideal client.

•Stay on track with your 10 Key Steps to Growing Your Health Coaching Business BONUS!

About Your Host

Natalie Gensits

Health Copywriter & Copywriting Coach

I've had my own wellness journey - I've been your client and realize how valuable your services are for true healing. Now I apply my wellness knowledge and writing expertise to help grow your health coaching or wellness business. Through writing for you or coaching you to write, I help you provide client-focused copy that brings you more leads who can become new clients. Then you become freer to transform more lives or enjoy other things and people you love!

Put Your Message Into the Right Words Webinar

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