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Copywriting coaching – write copy that converts!

You may freeze up at the mere thought of marketing and copywriting – dreading them but knowing they are critical to your success. Or maybe you enjoy content and copywriting but aren’t getting the conversion you want. My copywriting coaching will ease your mind and help you promote your business from the goodness of your heart and without feeling salesy

You likely have loads of information about mindset, nutrition, relationships, fitness and much more. You may already be sharing it in your social media posts, emails, blogs or newsletters. But truth is, if you’re not getting new leads, you’re probably not being clear and consistent.

And you may not be solving a true need (with the language you’re choosing).

But you provide a valuable, much-needed service and lots of potential clients are looking for someone just like you. You just need to reach them, warm them up and then sign them up.  I’ll teach you how to do this through client-focused copy


View this video for a taste of my casual but info-packed coaching style.

Pitch or Niche Session

It’s difficult to create a 10-word attention-grabbing elevator pitch (aka purpose statement) on your own. And getting to know your ideal client intimately often requires some help.

In this one-hour session, you choose which you want to work on. I’ll ask questions to help pull out what’s in your heart and put it into simpler words. You’ll end up with more clarity, confidence and direction for writing copy that converts!

Private Copywriting Coaching Session

This hour is customized for you! Get your web page copy, freebie, blog post or email sequence polished and published.

Ask me to help you write an outline. Send me something to edit. Learn how to hone your own writing. It’s your hour! I’m here to help!

Private Copywriting Coaching Program (12 weeks)

Through one-on-one coaching, learn to write copy that converts – for your website, email sequences, lead magnets, landing pages or blog posts. I will fully support and guide you to write more effectively and naturally, so you can book more health coaching clients and spread more wellness!

Copywriting and marketing support during weekly 1-hr EXCLUSIVE Zoom calls with me
•24/7 email access for accountability and between-call support
More consistent messaging after audits of your website, blogs, emails, lead magnets and social media profiles
•5+ content frameworks/templates you can use ongoing as your marketing evolves
Copywriting know-how of the 3 phases of the writing process (strategy/brainstorming, writing, editing)
•Revisions to your work and writing to get you unstuck (as requested) to ensure you have professionally written copy
Confidence in knowing copywriting and marketing tips galore
•Free writing and imagery resources to simplify your business practices

This comprehensive program will empower you to share your story and how you can help in a way that attracts your ideal clients. You’ll feel confident as you show up with relevant, consistent messaging and copy. You’ll save time, money and frustration as you sign up new leads who become clients – without feeling salesy! And everything you learn and write is yours for keeps.


*Alternatively, ask about my small group coaching program.

Copywriting Strategy Workbook for a Successful Launch

Health and wellness|Natalie Gensits|copywriter|copywriting coaching|workbookNot ready for personal copywriting coaching or prefer to try DIYing first? Get your health coaching business grounded in solid strategy and copywriting that brings you those new leads who turn into clients!

Learn to:
•stand out online with an attention-grabbing elevator pitch
•identify and get to know your ideal client so you can solve a real need
•avoid getting stuck and overcome common mindset issues for entrepreneurs
•structure your content and save time writing
•write copy that is natural and sells without being sales-y
•show up confidently to the ones who need to hear or see your message

This workbook will teach you everything you need to know to write copy that converts, while letting you be YOU. It will guide (not decide for) you, ground you and get you started down a marketing path that saves you loads of time, money and energy as you grow your business!

Or if you’d like to have your project written for you in your voice, learn more about my content writing services!