Create powerful copy strategically, get new clients more quickly!

Are you changing your elevator pitch or website copy every other week - having a hard time getting clear and concise with marketing your health or wellness coaching business? You know there's a method to all the messaging you need to write but aren't sure where to start? Maybe you even dread the idea of it?

They don't teach this in health coaching school! Become confident and clear with how you describe your unique services. Have customized content written and ready to put into action with a plan. And feel excited about sharing purposeful content that attracts the right people and converts them into potential clients! You will master your marketing and power of words with this signature 12-week small group copywriting coaching program.

We start the week of March 4!
(meeting times will be decided as a group, only 8 spots are available)

Prepare to Launch small group copywriting coaching | Natalie Gensits, Wellness Wordshop
Prepare to Launch small group copywriting coaching | Natalie Gensits, Wellness Wordshop

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Shift Your Marketing + Copy Mindset

You have vast knowledge of all things health related - nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindset, supplementation, even environment. But you didn't receive in-depth knowledge of how to market your health coaching business. You know about niching down but can't seem to choose one ideal client. You know your copy is key but when you try to write, you feel scattered and wordy. Or maybe you used to think you are a good writer but are not so sure anymore. So many doubts are creeping in. : / And you really just wanna do what you love to do - coaching!

Say BA-BYE to the struggle, lies and scatteredness!

•ENJOY writing meaningful copy for your services, benefits, freebies, emails, landing pages, websites, social media posts and more that makes you STAND out (because if not client-focused, even excellent copy can fail). And there are 20,101+ other help coaches, so you NEED to stand out!

•FOCUS on only the content pieces you need in a way they work together. Stop wasting time and money doing all the things half-crocked and still feeling scattered.

•APPLY your new business and marketing skills to grow your business ongoing without it feeling like so much work - and more like doing what you love.


All the Goodness You Receive

Are you just getting started, or have been coaching a few years but need help getting your marketing figured out? This program will help you show up professionally, consistently and confidently, attracting the clients you love to work with!

Step 1 | Clarity: Learn how to get clear on WHO you serve and how to STAND out from the sea of 20,102+ other providers.

Step 2 | Connection: Learn how to write copy and content that jumps out and attracts the right clients every time.

Step 3 | Conversion: Learn how to put the right compelling content pieces into place so you can capture their info and nurture them from new leads into potential clients.

You also receive...

Step-by-step guidance through 12 training modules that empower you to write clear, connecting copy and content via weekly LIVE calls 
(9 topics + 3 writing labs with 1 week of vaca built in; YES replays will be available!)

Personal copy review and feedback from me and your peers through the writing labs and private group threads (clients have LOVED this!). This will be outside of common social media platforms : ). 

Templates, training on how to customize them and tips to help you write clear, concise and compelling copy for your elevator pitch, program description, lead magnets (freebies), landing pages, emails, social media posts and essential parts of your simple website, delivered via email and Google Drive.

•Knowledge about how to set up automations and a weekly routine of essential business tasks you will apply ongoing.

A positive marketing mindset and confidence through COPY that works!

This is NOT for you if you want quick fixes and cookie-cutter or AI-generated copy.

This IS For You If...

•You are getting ready to launch or relaunch your business and need help with your marketing strategy or don't have one at all.

•You don't know where to start when it comes to marketing and want to navigate it with more ease.

•You need help roping all your passions into one clear thing that you feel confident about offering.

•You want to create your own clear, concise customized copy that truly connects instead of hoping for the best with cookie-cutter templates or impersonal AI.

•You need accountability with step-by-step direction so you stay focused without getting off track.

•You realize the value of dedicating your time to do this work up front, knowing it will save you loads of time and headaches down the road (allow 3-5 hours per week if you want to finish as we go or 2-3 hours per week and take more time to finish on your own).

•You enjoy idea sharing and improving through peer and pro support.

•You thrive in a fun, no-question-is-stupid, highly supportive atmosphere.

•You want to take control of your marketing and messaging so you can continue to grow your business having more ease, impact and fun!

What Clients Have Said

100% Satisfied Customers

Tina Paulus

“The wealth of information Natalie has shared in this program has been invaluable to me. She is an incredibly helpful wellness content writer and copywriting coach. She has done several projects for me, and I took her program to learn how to do copy myself. After doing the copy for my opt in freebie in the program, I was so excited that I redid my website with what I learned too. I am well on my way to having my foundation securely under me and am grateful for investing my time and energy with Natalie.”

Tina Paulus, FDNP

Mara Hollander testimonial

"Working with Natalie has been a pleasure. I have always felt warm, concerned support from her—she has been truly engaged and invested in my success. Her skill with words, turning large concepts into readable, understandable sentences is remarkable. I am so fortunate to have found her! She is someone I can highly recommend, without any reservation."

Dr. Mara Hollander,
Doctor, Life & Health Coach

Meet Your Host

Health Copywriter + Copywriting Coach
Natalie Gensits

I've had my own wellness journey - I've been your client and realize how valuable your services are for true healing. Now I combine this with my marketing background to help grow your health coaching or wellness business. Through writing for you or coaching you to write, I help you provide client-focused copy that brings you more leads and new clients! Together, let's transform lives! That is my goal for Wellness Wordshop!

What to Expect

All materials and templates will be emailed and shared via Google Drive - keeping this simple! 
We meet the weeks of March 4-May 31 except one vacation week April 1-5.

Week 1

Soul search with my guidance. Clear out the clutter. Rope all your things into one clear, concise and powerful elevator pitch.

Week 2

Finally decide who your ideal client is! Then learn the details you need to know so you can write client-focused copy.

Week 3

Writing lab! Bring your questions and work so far. We'll hash them out, edit, embellish and improve.

Week 4

Juicy copy tips! Plus put your programs and modules into terms your ideal clients understand and desire!

Week 5

Write the perfect freebie (lead magnet) for the clients you love to work with and get them on your email list for keeps!

Week 6

Write a landing and thank you page that collect new leads even while you're coaching or doing other things!

Week 7

Engage your ideal clients through well-thought out emails (and social media) that inspires them to schedule with you.

Week 8

Writing lab! Bring your questions and work so far. We'll hash them out, edit, embellish and improve.

Week 9

Outline the essentials for a basic website that clearly conveys what you do (home, about and service sections).

Week 10

Business 101! Learn about simple, time-saving automations such as scheduling, emails, payments and delivery.

Week 11

Establish consistent followup and to-dos so things don't fall through cracks - including those client testimonials!

Week 12

Writing lab to exchange last-minute feedback plus CELEBRATE all your hard work to launch and grow successfully!

Receive teaching and templates or tools for each module + coaching on how to personalize them + pro and peer feedback as we go! 
Doing this one-on-one would cost $4,950+. 
In this intimate group setting with support from other health coaches and me, you can receive ALL this for just $797! (Or 3 monthly installments of $277)

Practically speaking...
because I know you like practical - you can cover this cost with just 1-2 new clients. And these skills will bring you new clients ongoing!

And about DIYing it...
Learning this copywriting and marketing process on your own can take 3-4 years of trial, error and a lot of ups and downs. People are eager to improve their health now! Minimize your own stress and time spent "figuring it out" so those people can find you in the next few months!

Ready to Write Like a Pro + Get New Clients?!

Need to hash out some more answers to your questions? I got ya! Grab a time here and let's chat!

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