Master Your Tech Setup for Marketing


Getting your marketing tech setup running smoothly would allow you to focus more time doing the coaching you love. BUT. Technology trips you up. Too many options take too much time to figure out! And you just can't seem to focus on it. You could use some hands-on help!

It's time to get your technology in place, properly connected and generating leads who end up on your calendar!

  • HOSTS: Natalie Gensits, Health Copywriter + Angela Kiszka, Certified Funnel Pro
  • DATE: Wednesday, April 24 (LIVE via Zoom)
  • TIME: 5-6:30PM EST (GMT -5)
  • Replay included (yours to keep)!
  • Just $27 USD (special price for this FIRST-TIME event!)


There are lots of amazing apps to help you automate and market your business, but you want to keep it simple and not way out of your comfort zone. You're all about progress (fighting off that perfection). But how do you figure out which apps work for you - without spending endless hours doing trial and error? 

Or maybe you finally find an email marketing app you like but soon realize it doesn't play nicely with your other apps. Then you go back to square one. And ugh! You just want to be coaching instead of doing all this tech setup and marketing stuff.

Anxiety may start to creep in even though you know you can figure this out. And sure, you can search all the how-tos, if you know all the things to search. But a little handholding would sure help.

Stop the mental circus. Sign up for this workshop. Get your technology essentials set up, with guidance from a real, live tech pro. Then breathe easy while your tech goes to work for you - beginning to get new leads which can become new clients!


You asked for it. Now you've got it! You wanted it in 1 hour but we want to keep it real - and tech takes time. : 

Because we want you to feel a sense of completion and to get clear about some next steps, we are focusing on specific apps during this event (but you can work in and ask questions about other apps):  

1 Calendly for scheduling calls

2 ConvertKit for simple and easy-to-create landing pages that will collect leads (people on your list)
3 ConvertKit for nurturing your new leads into clients via email

(Note: these
apps offer free versions.)

Angela will cover: 

•Setting up your Calendly

•Creating a landing page from a template
•Where and how to store your freebie
Creating an email you can automate

•Connecting your landing page, email and Calendly so you can get peoples’ emails in exchange for your freebie, deliver your freebie via email and schedule future emails to nurture your new leads in to clients!

Natalie will briefly provide copywriting tips for each step too but TECH will be the focus of this event.

Plus receive:

•The replay, which you can pause as needed if you didn't have time to complete your setup during the workshop

•Templates for landing page and email copy
•Next steps for using your technology to market your business

•Brief mentions of ways you can receive additional help from us if interested

Our goals are for you to:
1 cross these tech essentials off your list (and not add more things to it). If you don't complete your setup during the workshop, you should be able to with another hour of time, depending on your pace.
2 overcome tech dread or fatigue so you can move forward doing the parts of business you love - with your apps working for you in the background!

About Your Hosts

Natalie Gensits

Health Copywriter

I've had my own wellness journey - I've been your client and realize how valuable your services are for true healing. Now I apply my wellness knowledge and writing expertise to help grow your health coaching or wellness business. Through writing for you or coaching you to write, I help you provide client-focused content that brings you more new clients! And you become freer to transform more lives or enjoy more of your own!

angela kiszka promo|Crystal Clear Funnels, tech setup workshop

Angela Kiszka

Certified Funnel Pro

Angela works behind the scenes with amazing course creators, coaches and online business owners to help you launch, grow and scale your business without sacrificing your time and sanity! Her super power is helping you maximize your sales, reach and impact through strategic funnels so that you can connect with ideal customers seamlessly with less stress, less hassle and zero tech overwhelm.

Master Your
Tech Setup
for Marketing

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